Congress organisers are obliged to inform potential congress participants, in advance, about the scope and terms of the support of the pharmaceutical industry (FSA). We fulfil this obligation and therefore inform you about the amount of the sponsorship of companies involved as well as the companies that voluntarily wish to publish:

AIDIAN Germany GmbH3,300 EUR
aprimeo diagnostics GmbH & Co. KG6,600 EUR
Axon Lab AG1,800 EUR
bestbion dx GmbH3,600 EUR
Biomed Labordiagnostik GmbH2,050 EUR
bioMérieux Deutschland GmbH1,800 EUR
Cepheid GmbH9,850 EUR
Dedalus Labor GmbH2,100 EUR
FRIZ Biochem GmbH1,500 EUR
Hahn-Schickard (MDR-& IVDR-Kompetenznetzwerk) 1,200 EUR
Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH1,200 EUR
Hemcheck Sweden AB2,700 EUR
Jobst Technologies GmbH1,800 EUR
Keller Medical GmbH1,200 EUR
LumiraDx GmbH7,000 EUR
microfluidic ChipShop GmbH1,800 EUR
Metecon GmbH1,400 EUR
nal von minden GmbH2,400 EUR
Nova Biomedical GmbH13,000 EUR
Owen Mumford GmbH1,400 EUR
Preventis GmbH1,800 EUR
Quidel Germany GmbH8,500 EUR
Radiometer GmbH2,400 EUR
Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH9,850 EUR
Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH1,800 EUR
Siemens Healthcare GmbH12,400 EUR
Spindiag GmbH2,100 EUR
Sysmex Deutschland GmbH (Hita-do)2,400 EUR
Technopath Clinical Diagnostics4,000 EUR
vireq software solutions GmbH & Co. KG2,100 EUR
Webers GmbH750 EUR
Werfen GmbH3,000 EUR